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4 Mistakes Most Owners Make With A Restaurant Seating Chart

What makes a restaurant successful? The answer involves a number of factors and no matter who you talk to, there will always be a different answer.

4 Mistakes Most Owners Make With A Restaurant Seating Chart

What makes a restaurant successful? The answer involves a number of factors and no matter who you talk to, there will always be a different answer. One important aspect of a good restaurant is the restaurant seating chart. Does the restaurant seating chart create an expansive dining area with large tables and open spaces? Is it a small and intimate restaurant seating chart that feels cozy and welcoming? No matter the size of your establishment, the seating and table placement should provide customers with a comfortable environment where they can enjoy a meal alone or with others.

Some of the most common mistakes that restaurants make are with their choice in seating arrangements. Patrons who sit at a comfortable table will make 15% more purchases than those seated in uncomfortable seating within a bad environment. So let’s go through and see which problems we can resolve with just a little extra effort put into your restaurant seating chart.

Wrong mix of tables

The demographic of your restaurant has a lot to do with how you arrange tables. Before ordering tables, new or otherwise, review your restaurant statistics and see how many parties of four, two, and so on come to the restaurant on any given week. These statistics will provide you with a strong number to consider when you make a table purchase. Restaurants often have too many tables to seat four people, which is fine when the restaurant is servicing at off hours. However, when a restaurant hits peak seating times, sitting two people at a table meant for four people can drastically influence how many people you are able to seat at one time.

If your statistics show that most patrons come in groups of four, then you’ll want to think about adding some extra tables to seat four. If most of your business is handled through seatings of two, make adjustments so you can maximize your restaurant seating charts.

Poor table placement

When creating your restaurant seating chart, you want to create areas where patrons feel comfortable, but you also want consider giving them a bit of privacy. It’s a delicate balance. Placing your tables for two people against walls or using stylish dividers can provides them with a bit more privacy and a way to define personal space. This can give diners a better level of comfort in your restaurant.

Having an organized dining area is crucial to the flow of your restaurant. Allowing for clear walking spaces gives servers needed room to move around the dining floor, which makes getting food to customers much more efficient.

Where’s the view?

If your restaurant boasts a beautiful view, show it off. Face tables toward the view so everyone can take in some of the beauty while they enjoy a perfectly crafted meal. Ensure that any booths don’t have backs that are too high so that other patrons can still catch a glimpse of the view without having numerous obstructions.

Speaking of views, try to close off your wait stations, restroom areas, and storage zones so that they’re out of the public line of sight. You can still make them easily accessible without being in full view of the entire restaurant. Sometimes it’s better to keep things behind the scenes.

Service divides

Service areas are a crucial part of your server’s domain. With that being said, many restaurants don’t put too much thought into the placement of these areas, which isn’t smart. You don’t want your staff having to walk too far for an extra utensil or to refill water or coffee cups. Placing a service area within 25 feet of tables is a good rule of thumb for successful restaurants. This creates a concise area for servers to accomplish things while remaining in the area around their tables. If a server can’t see their diners, it makes it harder for them to provide the best possible service.

Adding just a little more effort and thought into your restaurant seating chart can make a world of difference.

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