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Choose Appropriate Restaurant Table Tops and Bases

Restaurant table tops and bases come in an assortment of styles, shapes, and colors. Selecting the most appropriate design and material will boost the client's desire to sit and enjoy excellent cuisine. Whether you are looking for restaurant table tops and bases for intimate dining, outdoor seating or casual-focused cuisine with friends, your choice of commercial table tops and bases can help you to achieve the perfect atmosphere.

Choose Appropriate Restaurant Table Tops and Bases

Types of Restaurant Table Bases

Restaurant Table Base Shape

Not everyone notices the shape of a commercial table base. This is because it is usually complementary to the table top. For example, a simple square commercial table top may be held by a square-shaped table base.

Here are some frequently used shapes for commercial table bases:

  • Square
  • Round
  • Rectangular
  • Pedestal

The size of the commercial table top also provides the answer as to how large in diameter a table base should be. The larger the table top, the larger the base diameter. In some cases, dual bases are needed to support the balance and weight of a large oblong table. The size of the table base brings proportion to the table top for perfect balance.

Popular restaurant table top sizes include:

  • 5"x 22"
  • 18", 22", 24" square or round
  • 16"x 28" rectangular
  • 30"x 30" pedestal-style

Restaurant Table Base Material 

The materials used in table bases have to be sturdy for constant demand and pressure.

This type of stability can be found in:

  • stainless steel
  • cast iron
  • aluminum

The application merits the specific type of material that should be used.

The height of Restaurant Table Bases

There is an industry standard for the height of restaurant table bases. Although not enforced, 30" in height is recognized as an acceptable measurement. This fast rule makes it simple to select chairs that match any base and tabletop easily. 

Some restaurants offer a bar-height seating alternative. These table bases measure 42" and are very popular today. 

Restaurant Table Base Styles

Conservative commercial table bases are common in style with a single round or square bar that rises from the base to the tabletop. However, to offset the style of a particular theme, you can find these styles:

  • Curved bamboo
  • Wood-finish rectangular
  • Graceful period pedestal
  • Modern steel pedestal

Types of Restaurant Table Tops

Usage Of Restaurant Table Tops

Tabletops need to be resilient in order to protect against scars and stains. Commercial grade coatings are used in protecting the surface from damage from extreme use. 

Tabletops that are used outdoors need special materials and coatings in order to withstand the changing climate and weather. If your restaurant offers both inside and outside dining, it could be advantageous to stick with all outdoor furniture to prevent an interior piece from accidentally ending up outside and becoming damaged.

Material Of Restaurant Table Tops

Restaurant table tops are available in a host of materials. Laminate is preferred by many restaurant owners as the look and style of wood can easily be manipulated. 

High-density melamine composite is another favorite material that can mimic concrete, wood and reclaimed wood. This superior material makes it possible to use these table tops in both indoor and outdoor settings.

There are also other quality looks that can be achieved by using these materials:

  • Granite
  • Quartz
  • Wood
  • Aluminum
  • Resin

Restaurant Table Top Shapes 

The shape of a restaurant tabletop helps to layout the proportion of a dining area. The amount of space can also be used more efficiently when tabletops are arranged accordingly. Standard shapes are readily available in round, square and rectangular form. The overall size can help one determine the seating capacity for each table top. For instance, a 24"x 24" square table top is sufficient for 2 diners while a 36"x 36" area is roomy enough for a party of 4.

If your establishment needs special commercial table tops to coordinate a certain look, you can also find these shapes:

  • Half-round tops
  • Eclipse tops
  • Organic shaped
  • Trapezoid for connecting
  • Drop-leaf

Restaurant table bases and tops give your establishment the right quality and style that give customers a great dining experience. With no wobbles from insecure bases or imperfections along sealed table tops, this furniture is also maintenance-free. 

When designing your space, take into account all of the options of restaurant table bases and tops. They can create extra dining space, add a certain style to your decor and bring a high-quality appeal to customers that visit.

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