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Superior Seating is proud to offer a price guarantee on select products. We will be happy to match or beat a competitor price where they offer the same quality product and warranty at a lower cost.
Superior Seating provides an industry-best manufacturer’s warranty on all of our wood and metal products. The length of the warranty may vary on certain products.
Superior Seating has a selection of popular items that are pre-assembled and packaged, ready to ship upon order. Choose from this selection if you want your furniture fast and don’t require a custom order.
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At Superior Seating we are the premier source for wholesale bar stools, commercial restaurant chairs and commercial tables. We also carry the best quality commercial outdoor patio furniture.

With an enormous selection of styles, sizes, and colors in restaurant seating, we have something to fit any restaurant's décor and budget. Our tremendous selection of commercial restaurant furniture includes many new and modern options like reclaimed wood dining table tops, distressed white outdoor dining table tops, and a walnut wood Morgan restaurant bar stool with upholstered seat and back.

We also have Solid Beechwood Table Tops that some restaurant owners prefer as more of a traditional option.

Are you looking for matching chairs and tables? No problem, Superior Seating has you covered. Many of our chairs, barstools and tables have matching counterparts so you can furnish your restaurant in style.

If you’re looking to really save, take a look at our special deals on restaurant chairs, barstools and tables. Check back often since the specials change regularly.

All of our commercial restaurant furniture is top quality and at the lowest prices. Our super fast delivery and industry leading warranty make Superior Seating your best choice for commercial furniture.

At Superior Seating we have the most in-stock wholesale items in the restaurant seating industry. If it’s online, it’s in stock!

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    The Most Successful Restaurants Start With a Great Floor Plan

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    Best Commercial Bar Stools for Bars

    Best Bar stools for bars

    Before you purchase commercial stool bars, there are some factors that you need to observe meticulously or make a dreadful mistake. Bar stools need being classy and exquisite. They should be capable to capture the attention of an individual at a glance. You shouldn’t just concentrate with elegance, but they should be able to match with the other bar furniture.

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    Granite: A Great Material for Outdoor Restaurant Tables

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    How to Find the Best Restaurant Furniture Online

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    Pros And Cons Of Commercial Backless Bar Stool

    There are plenty of reasons why you might want to purchase commercial bar stools. If you have an island in your home, bar stools are high enough to provide additional seating. If you have a bar in your home, you are going to need to have bar stools to go along with it. Bar stools are very popular with artists because they make it possible to get close to the work that they are creating. If you are an architect, a bar stool is great to have at your drafting table. Finally, if you are a musician, a bar stool is a great place to sit during rehearsals.

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